Monday, August 8, 2011

~Life is Wonderful~

taken from the lyrics 'LIFE IS WONDERFUL'-JASON MRAZ

' life is always wonderful when you have these : SABAR, SYUKUR and REDHA...'

p/s : here's the thing...
someone came up with the v-clip on facebook and said : 'when time gets hard...or thing seems to turn out the way you dont want it to be... take a deep breath and sing this song...'

u know what? i kinda follow the advice and it ain't that bad...pretty works for me :P

so peeps...instead of cursing...griving...crying...or lamenting your life... sing this song and get a life! if you think your life is pathetic...think again. there's tons of people out there are facing a way harder life than you.

cause Allah wont burden you beyond your capability dude!. He will test you with something you can bear and handle.

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